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Full-time Doctor, Part-time doodler

Paint Pots & Quills is ONE! _I nervously
About: About Us

Calligraphy,  as a journey for me started out as a way to help me switch off and be more mindful. The more I practised the art of the written word the more I found an escape in the meditative effect it has.


I enjoy how varied the applications of calligraphy can be, from personalising items for brands and events to adding that touch of elegance to your special day.  

I started out with an Instagram page, began working with brands I personally adored and eventually this hobby turned into Paint Pots & Quills.

I have worked as the on-site calligrapher at the Cannes Film Festival in 2019, and have been featured in Harper's Bazaar and Glamour Magazine.

I enjoy sharing the therapeutic benefit calligraphy brings with workshops and at home kits, try it for yourself or get in touch if calligraphy is something you're looking for to elevate your special day or event!

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